Flash SVG Editor live demo

Flash SVG Editor live demo

Nov 12
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And here it is. As I promised, here is a live demo of our new flash SVG editor. You can play around and get a feeling of how it will work. It’s pretty fast so far and has some nice and cool features, like gesture recognition.You can check out a video tutorial on a past post to see how to play with it.

This vector graphics editor was done using flex and actionscript and is on top of inEvo‘s new SVG flash framework. Many of our new products will be done using this, like InputDrawComics Sketch and other third party projects for companies that will benefit a lot from this technology. If you have such a company, that could use this vector graphics framework and allow you to manipulate and edit SVG or even add some smart behavior to the svg scene and elements, just talk to us.

There are lots and lots of cool things that can be done.There might be some nasty bugs in this demo, but we are working on them as you read :)  

Well, here is the demo and after the feature list:

Ok, here are some of the features of this version:

  • Freehand drawing;
  • Shape recognition: Circle, rectangle, line, horizontal line, vertical line, Triangle;
  • Action recognition: Selection lazzo, delete by scratching, mirror by lining the mirror axes, copy-paste (when only one shape selected) using the letter V (dimension and orientation is important)
  • SVG natively;
  • Zoom;
  • Rotation, scale;
  • Something I’m forgetting now but that you will discover :)

This demo works for just 7 minutes, but you can refresh it and continue drawing.Our SVG viewer and editor uses Flex / Actionscript and as you can test, it performs nicely and is very responsive.Please, leave us your thought, thinks you like and dislike.. just comment :)


  1. It is cool

  2. that’s very nice…
    will you license the use of this framework? I have a children website that could make a nice use of this, or even a simplified version – the SVG function is amazing, but overkill in that case : )

  3. Hi, yes, we will license the framework in several components.
    We are still in the development stage, so I can’t give you many details.

    Nevertheless, we are already doing work with this framework (other than the SVG Graphical Editor).

    If you interest, send us a mail with some details and we can talk.


  4. Thomas

    Hey, thats great…Iam favourably impressed by this

  5. SVG Will not load at all into ImageMagick 6.4.1.

  6. ImageMagick is now saying that the SVG load problem is a bug that will be fixed in version 6.4.8-4


  7. Jeff,
    Thanks for the input.
    This new version has much more complex SVG structure, so there might be other bugs on ImageMagick that won’t allow the load.

  8. Is it possible to set the canvas as transparent and use as an overlay widget in another application?

    I can use this as an enhancement to inputDraw. Will it be available soon?


    PS Waiting now for ImageMagick to fix SVG bugs in new release

  9. Jeff,

    This is a framework, with it, we will be doing a lot of variations, AIR applications for your desktop and we will also use this on the InputDraw as version 2.
    I still don’t know all the details about that version, but what you asked looks to that will cut to that version.

  10. Rob

    Is there a contact I can email about this application?

  11. Camilo

    Very interesting application, I really hope the support for svg grows and becomes standard.

  12. Peter van Aelst

    I am working on a Flex3 project which will be a online drawing editor/player, saving the result in SVG-like language plus some extra’s to accomodate the specific application needs. I am very interested in the inEvo SVG flash framework and the idea of the using it as a basis for the project. Can you contact me about the possibilities on this?


  13. Hi, still would love to use this on my site. Available soon?


  14. My company, Rain Interactive, has developed a full feature SVG library to edit svg documents and save them in flash actionscript. Check out more about it at:


    Projects that currently use our SVG technology:

    We are actively developing our svg rendering technology in flash / flex actionscript to fulfill business needs.

  15. Awsome stuff, I use inputdraw. Like the feel and flexability of it.

  16. Mike Sorensen

    Great little demo. I too am working on a Flex 3 project and am less interested in the drawing tools (although they are great) and more interested in layering and object control. Could you contact me about this?

  17. hehe…very nice :D
    Great little demo :D

  18. Jeff

    Any chance of getting this instead of InputDraw for my website?



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